Abacus is one of those devices that are constantly taught to the children for centuries and it seems that its importance may never end in this ever-changing world. Abacus has got the place of great importance in the history of mathematics. One can easily say that the history of mathematics starts with the invention of abacus.

Abacus solves the basic arithmetic problems with so much ease and reliability that it is still taught in the various parts of this world in this modern day. Abacus is not like the modern electronic calculators that perform all of the functions of their own and then present the result in an electronic form on their screens.

It is rather a tool that helps in counting the numbers with the help of reference in its beads. The beads of the abacus help in remembering the numbers counted and thus make the calculations very easy to perform. This attribute of the abacus has caused it to stand high in the history and made a significant place for it in the lives of people throughout the history.

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Arpita Ghosh (MD, Exel Achiever)

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