If we go deep into the history books we come to know that abacus was used from the ancient times to perform basic arithmetical problems by the people related to any field of life. Businessmen have used it for centuries to perform basic calculations for the purpose of their routine business.

It is a true assistant for anyone who wants to perform his calculations very quickly and with full authority. This is the reason behind the fact that even in this modern era there is a thought to be a need to teach children to learn and perform calculations on abacus.

The reason being the simplicity of the device and its look that makes children feel it just like their toy and never let them feel bored while performing calculations on it. It is also very easy to learn and makes calculations easier for the juvenile kids to learn.

When the calculations are performed on abacus, a little stress is made on the mind. People who regularly perform calculations on abacus can perform them more quickly than their other counterparts who perform those calculations on electronic calculators.

How can the abacus mental maths help the child in school work?

Most of our children started to learn "numbers" by counting with the help of their fingers. It becomes difficult for them to comprehend numeric relationships beyond the number 10 due to lack of countable objects. Whereas, Abacus presents multi-digit numeric relationships in a concrete three dimensional bead-based system. Using an abacus, young children relates number values and comprehend the concepts of mathematics easily. Therefore, the abacus math is far more superior to regular math which is presented to children in an abstract form.

Abacus establishes numeric relations in a clear and logical way to the children. The abacus mental picture training do elevate memory power and improve concentration level of a child. The training enables the child to respond to questions promptly. In addition, the speed and fast hearing training encourages the child to dedicate full attention to study by listening more attentively and effectively. Ultimately, the abacus training makes the learner more confident and interested in school works, both curricular and extra-curricular. A child’s creativity and ability to analyse problems thereby improves considerably.

Arithmetic skill can be trained in various ways. However, resolving a mathematical calculation problem quickly and accurately is not always accomplished by every child. The abacus mental math program complements and also supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in schools, and helps students to overcome the fears of mathematics, if any, and gain confidence. It is evident that those who have taken the abacus math program do have the following advantages:

Sharper memory

Better reflexes

Outcome of the abacus math program will also influence and be transferred to other subjects.

Better problem solving skills

Improved confidence and self-esteem

More attentive to instructions

Keener listening skill

Stronger mental formation skills

Clearer logic reasoning

Better endurance of stress and pressure

Improved comprehension in math.

Better and faster calculation skills

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Arpita Ghosh (MD, Exel Achiever)

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