To be the best educational institute in developing and enhancing the intelligence of our children to make them globally competent.

Founded and incorporated in 2009, ExelAchiever is a dynamic learning institution committed to its objective of providing continuous education and teaching of abacus and mental arithmetic programs aimed at developing and enhancing the intelligence of our children; the next generation of leaders.

As an institution of learning, Exel stands tall amongst others as it provides an all-encompassing mental development educational experience.We aspire to be a champion by gaining trust of parents and children and to be known as a name that provides a steady flow of innovative educational courses and services.

As parents, all of us have the responsibility of making the right choices for our children be it the right kind of food, clothing and education for our children. At Exel, we have made our choice to be in the people improvement and advancement business. Our vision is to lead and prepare our children to assume future leadership roles.

In this regard, Exel is a well established and well-organized institution devoted to our objective of providing quality education in abacus and mental arithmetic study. Our education methodology is unique, forward looking with classes conducted in a creative and lively format. Exel also boasts a strong pool of resourceful and intensively trained teachers who are competent and responsible. The teachers are also taught on the psychology of children and the positive effects of encouragement and negative impact of punishment.

At Exel, classes are kept to a maximum size of 15 students to ensure that each individual student receives personal attention, crucial to the monitoring aspect of each child's development.

All course materials and curriculum are systematically designed internally which are on par with international standards. It introduces new courses matching the needs of students for surviving in today’s competitive World.

Managing Director’s Message
Arpita Ghosh (MD, Exel Achiever)

We are here to provide our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields through traditional and educational culture. Superior instruction with superior outcome is one of our objectives. We believe in combining excellence with innovation in all our offered programs, Exel Abacus being one.

Quality Education makes ExelAchiever standout from the crowd.